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We are proud to have achieved the proficiency in Open Source software’s based on Linux/Unix platform ...

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Offshore Development Support

We have capability to setup an offshore Software Development Center in India for our US,UK,Europe and Asian Clients.

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At Computronics Lab, we synergize technology and creativity to produce innovative solutions, methodologies and processes. Our precision, rationale and technical expertise build sustainable and flexible technology solutions

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Fire Fighting Robot

Fire Fighting Robot

Fire Fighting Robot

Fire Fighting Robot

With the development in the field of robotics, human intrusion has become less and robots are being widely used for safety purpose. In our day-to-day life, fire accidents have become common and sometimes may lead to hazards that make it hard for the firemen to protect human life. In such cases, a fire fighting robot is used to guard human lives, wealth, and surroundings from the fire accidents. This fire fighting robot project is an advanced project for engineering students, who are interested in robotics. This project project incorporates RF technology for remote operation and also uses AVR microcontroller. A fire fighting robot is capable of detecting fire if a house catches fire while someone in the house is either sleeping or not present in the house. By means of this fire fighting robot, people and properties can be saved from fire accidents.

Working of Fire Fighting Robot Project
There are several possibilities of fire in any remote area or in an industry. For instance, in garments godowns, cotton mills, and fuel storage tanks, electric leakages may result in immense fire & harm. In the worst of cases & scenarios, fire causes heavy losses both financially and by taking lives. Robotics is the best possible way to guard human lives, wealth and surroundings. A Firefighting robot is designed and built with an embedded system. It is capable of navigating alone on a modeled floor while actively scanning the flames of fire. The robot could be used as a path guide in a fireplace device or, in normal case, as an emergency device. This robot is designed in such a way that it searches a fire, & douses it before the fire could spread out of range & control.

This type of firefighting robot will sooner or later work with firefighters, thus greatly reducing the danger of injury to victims. Apart from this, this Firefighting robotic project will also help generate interest along with the innovations in the field of robotics while operating towards a sensible and obtainable solution to save lives and mitigate the danger to property.

Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android Applications
The main intention of this project is to design a fire fighting robot using Android application for remote operation. The firefighting robot has a water tanker to pump water and spray it on fire; it is controlled through wireless communication. For the desired operation, AVR microcontroller is used.

In the proposed system, an android application is used to send commands from the transmitter end to the receiver receiver end for controlling the movement of the robot in forward, backward, right or left directions. At the receiver side, two motors are interfaced to the AVR microcontroller wherein two of them are used for the movement of the vehicle and the remaining one to place the arm of the robot.

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