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Voice Based Notice Board Using Android

Voice Based Notice Board Using Android

Voice Based Notice Board Using Android

Voice Based Notice Board Using Android


Main concept behind Voice operated Electronic notice board using rolling display is to show scrolling messages and to control them by using our own voice. We have already seen GSM based Electronic Notice board, however speech controlled Notice board has additional advantage of ease of use. User has to give voice command in his/her own voice to control the scrolling messages displayed on electronic notice board.
Voice recognition is done in the Android application. User has to install this Android application in his/her smart phone or tablet. Then user has to give voice commands to this android app. Android app then passes these commands to the microcontroller using wireless communication. It means user doesn’t have to go near the Electronic notice board to change the scrolling message. Wireless communication technique used in this project is Bluetooth technology. Messages to be displayed are store in Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. EEPROM memory holds data even after circuit is reset.
Microcontroller receives these commands with the help of Bluetooth receiver and decoder. Then it passes these commands to the Rolling display which is made up of LCD Display.

Description in detail:

Various important blocks of system are:
1) Android application to detect voice commands: Android app on smart phone or tablet will be use for speech recognition.
2) Bluetooth receiver and decoder: This device is used to interact with the Android application.
2) Microcontroller: We have used AVR microcontroller which is an Atmega series microcontroller. It interacts with Bluetooth receiver, LCD display, rolling display. In short, it is the heart of the system.
3) Rolling Display: This is the main display unit, which shows various scrolling messages.
4) LCD display: It shows various messages. It is an optional device in this project and is just used for testing purpose.
5) EEPROM: E2PROM memory is used to store the message. EEPROM holds the data even after power failure. I2C communication protocol is used for interfacing 8051 with EEPROM.

Applications and Advantages:

There are many Applications of Electronic Notice Board Control By Human Voice, few of them are listed below:
1) Advanced wireless notice board can be used in public transportation areas like Bus stations, Railway stations and even at Airports.
2) Voice operated electronic notice board finds it main application in educational premises like schools, colleges, university campuses. It can be used to display information like exam schedule, notice, event notification and exam result announcement.

Advantages of Speech controlled electronic notice board:
1) Wireless Notice board is easy to install and easy to use.
2) Speech controlled rolling display is really helpful for disabled people or handicapped people

Future Development:

1) We can add feedback system in Android app. So that user can get feedback of the action
2) We can implement password so that any other person can not control the system.

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