6 Pin JST XH Female Cable – Single Side

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The 6-pin JST XH female cable offers secure connections with its durable plastic housing and individually insulated wires. Ideal for electronic prototyping and component interfacing, it ensures reliable data and power transmission. Its flexibility and ease of use make it essential for various applications in hobbyist projects and industrial settings.

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6 Pin JST XH Female Cable – Single Side

The 6-pin JST XH female cable, designed for single-side connections, serves various electronic and electrical applications with its specific features and benefits. Here’s a detailed overview:

Key Features

  1. Connector Type
    • Utilizes the JST XH series connector, which is known for its reliability and secure locking mechanism.
    • Designed specifically for a 6-pin configuration, ensuring compatibility with corresponding male connectors.
  2. Cable Length and Type
    • Typically available in various lengths, such as 20cm, 30cm, or custom lengths as required.
    • Uses flexible wires with adequate gauge to handle moderate currents and signals.
  3. Insulation and Durability
    • Each wire is individually insulated with materials like PVC or silicone, ensuring electrical safety and durability.
    • Provides protection against short circuits and mechanical damage, suitable for diverse environmental conditions.
  4. Connector Housing
    • Features a durable plastic housing that secures the contacts and provides strain relief for the wires.
    • Facilitates easy insertion and removal while maintaining a stable connection.


  1. Electronic Prototyping
    • Commonly used in breadboarding and prototyping projects where reliable connections are essential for testing circuits.
    • Enables quick setup and modification of circuits without soldering.
  2. Interfacing Components
    • Facilitates connections between various electronic components, PCBs, and modules in projects like Arduino or Raspberry Pi setups.
    • Ensures consistent signal transmission and minimal interference.
  3. Data and Power Transmission
    • Suitable for applications requiring both data and power transmission, such as small motors, sensors, and LED lighting systems.
    • Handles moderate current loads effectively, ensuring reliable performance.
  4. Industrial and Commercial Applications
    • Used in industrial automation, robotics, and consumer electronics for reliable interconnections between devices and subsystems.
    • Supports efficient assembly and maintenance processes in production environments.


  1. Ease of Use
    • Simplifies wiring tasks with its pre-crimped connectors, reducing assembly time and potential wiring errors.
    • Ideal for both novice and experienced electronics enthusiasts due to its user-friendly design.
  2. Versatility
    • Accommodates a wide range of electronic projects and applications due to its compatibility with standard JST XH connectors.
    • Offers flexibility in wiring configurations while ensuring secure connections.
  3. Reliability
    • Provides stable and durable connections that withstand repeated insertions and removals.
    • Enhances overall system reliability and longevity in demanding environments.


The 6-pin JST XH female cable is a versatile and reliable solution for electronic prototyping, interfacing components, and industrial applications. Its robust design, ease of use, and compatibility with standard connectors make it an essential component for hobbyists, professionals, and manufacturers seeking reliable electrical connections and efficient wiring solutions.

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