Arduino Lilypad

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The Arduino Lilypad is a wearable microcontroller board designed for e-textiles. Powered by an ATmega328P, it features sewable pads for easy integration into fabrics. Ideal for creating interactive garments and accessories, it supports various sensors and LEDs, making it perfect for wearable tech, fashion, and educational projects.

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Arduino Lilypad


The Arduino Lilypad is a unique microcontroller board designed specifically for wearable and e-textile projects. Developed in collaboration between Leah Buechley and SparkFun Electronics, it integrates seamlessly into fabric-based applications, enabling the creation of interactive garments and accessories. Its circular design and sewable pads make it ideal for embedding into clothing and accessories.



The Lilypad is powered by an ATmega328P microcontroller, the same chip found in the Arduino Uno. This 8-bit microcontroller runs at 16 MHz and includes 32 KB of flash memory, 2 KB of SRAM, and 1 KB of EEPROM. It provides sufficient computational power for a wide range of wearable applications.

Sewable Design

The Lilypad’s standout feature is its sewable design. The board is round, with large pads that can be stitched into fabric using conductive thread. This design facilitates easy integration into textiles, allowing designers to create soft, flexible, and washable electronic circuits.

Power Supply

The Lilypad can be powered by a variety of sources, including a lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery, a coin cell battery, or an external power adapter. It operates at 2.7-5.5V, making it compatible with many portable power options suitable for wearables.

Input/Output Pins

The Lilypad offers 14 digital I/O pins, 6 of which can be used as PWM outputs, and 6 analog input pins. These pins can be connected to sensors, LEDs, and other components, enabling complex interactive behaviors. The board also includes an on-board LED for basic status indication.


Wearable Technology

The primary use of the Arduino Lilypad is in wearable technology. It enables the creation of interactive garments and accessories that can light up, sense environmental conditions, and respond to user input. Examples include LED-embedded clothing, gesture-controlled accessories, and smart health monitoring devices.


In the field of e-textiles, the Lilypad allows for the integration of electronic functionality into fabrics. Designers can create textiles that change color, sense touch, or communicate wirelessly with other devices. This opens up new possibilities for fashion, art, and practical applications.

Educational Projects

The Lilypad is also an excellent tool for educational purposes. It introduces students to the concepts of electronics, programming, and wearable technology in a hands-on, engaging manner. Its simplicity and versatility make it suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.


The Arduino Lilypad is a powerful and flexible platform for wearable and e-textile projects. Its sewable design, robust microcontroller, and versatile I/O capabilities make it an ideal choice for creating innovative, interactive garments and accessories. Whether for fashion, art, or education, the Lilypad offers endless possibilities for integrating electronics into the fabric of everyday life.

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