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The ATtiny85 is a compact, 8-bit microcontroller from Atmel, featuring 8KB Flash memory, 512 bytes of RAM, and 6 I/O pins. Known for its small size and low power consumption, it’s ideal for simple projects and embedded systems requiring minimal hardware resources.

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The ATtiny85 is a compact and versatile 8-bit microcontroller from Atmel (now part of Microchip Technology), designed for applications where space and power efficiency are critical. Despite its small size, the ATtiny85 offers a robust set of features, making it an excellent choice for various embedded systems and DIY projects.

Key Features

  1. Microcontroller Core: The ATtiny85 is built around the AVR microcontroller core, operating at speeds up to 20 MHz. This provides sufficient processing power for a wide range of tasks, from simple control applications to more complex logic operations.
  2. Memory: It includes 8KB of Flash memory for program storage, 512 bytes of SRAM for runtime data, and 512 bytes of EEPROM for non-volatile data storage. This memory configuration is ample for small to medium-sized projects, enabling the ATtiny85 to store and execute relatively complex programs.
  3. I/O Pins: The microcontroller features 6 general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins, which can be configured for digital input or output. Some pins have additional functionalities, such as analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), pulse-width modulation (PWM), and communication interfaces (I2C, SPI).
  4. Analog Capabilities: The ATtiny85 includes a 10-bit ADC, allowing it to read analog signals from sensors and other input devices. This makes it suitable for applications requiring precise analog measurement and control.
  5. Power Consumption: Designed for low-power applications, the ATtiny85 supports various power-saving modes, including idle, noise reduction, and power-down modes. This makes it ideal for battery-operated devices and energy-efficient applications.
  6. Programming and Development: The ATtiny85 can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, making it accessible to hobbyists and professionals alike. With the support of a USB-to-serial adapter or an in-circuit programmer, users can upload code and debug applications easily.



The ATtiny85’s small size and versatile feature set make it suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Wearable Technology: Its compact form factor allows it to be embedded in wearable devices, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and health monitoring gadgets.
  • IoT Devices: The microcontroller is ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, where small size and low power consumption are essential. It can be used in smart home devices, remote sensors, and automation systems.
  • Simple Robotics: The ATtiny85 can control small robots and robotic components, such as servos, motors, and sensors, providing a cost-effective solution for educational and hobbyist projects.
  • Custom Electronics: Its flexibility and ease of use make it perfect for creating custom electronic devices, from simple LED controllers to more complex interactive projects.


The ATtiny85 microcontroller is a powerful yet compact solution for a variety of embedded applications. Its combination of processing power, memory, I/O capabilities, and low power consumption makes it an ideal choice for projects where space and efficiency are crucial. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to create innovative DIY electronics or a professional developing compact embedded systems, the ATtiny85 provides a reliable and flexible platform to bring your ideas to life.

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