Bulb Holder Burfi

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A bulb holder, essential in lighting fixtures, securely connects bulbs to electrical circuits. Available in screw, bayonet, and pin bases, it accommodates various bulb types. Common in residential, commercial, and automotive applications, it ensures reliable electrical contact and facilitates easy bulb replacement for efficient lighting solutions.

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Bulb Holder Burfi

A bulb holder burfi, also known as a lamp holder or socket, is a crucial component in electrical lighting fixtures. Here’s an in-depth overview of its features, types, applications, and advantages:

Key Features

1. Design and Construction

  • A bulb holder typically consists of a base, contacts, and securing mechanism.
  • The base is designed to fit specific bulb types, such as screw bases (Edison screw), bayonet mounts, or pin bases.
  • Contacts inside the holder ensure electrical connectivity between the bulb and the circuit.

2. Materials

  • Most bulb holders are made from durable materials like thermoplastics (e.g., nylon) or thermosetting plastics (e.g., phenolic resin) for insulation and mechanical strength.
  • Contacts are often made from copper or brass for good conductivity and corrosion resistance.

3. Types of Bulb Holders

  • Screw Base Holders (Edison Screw): Commonly used for general-purpose lighting, available in sizes like E26 (standard in North America) and E27 (standard in Europe).
  • Bayonet Mount Holders: Feature a twist-and-lock mechanism, popular in Europe and parts of Asia, with standard sizes like B22 and B15.
  • Pin Base Holders: Found in compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and some LED bulbs, such as GU10 and G9 bases.

4. Mounting Options

  • Bulb holders are available in various mounting options, including:
    • Surface Mount: Directly attached to a fixture’s surface.
    • Through-Hole Mount: Installed by passing wires through a hole in the fixture and soldering or screwing in place.


1. Residential Lighting

  • Used in homes for ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall fixtures.
  • Provides a safe and secure connection for bulbs while allowing easy replacement.

2. Commercial and Industrial Lighting

  • Found in offices, retail stores, warehouses, and factories for general and task lighting.
  • Supports various bulb types and sizes to meet specific lighting requirements.

3. Automotive Lighting

  • Bulb holders are integral to vehicle lighting systems, including headlights, taillights, and interior lights.
  • Designed to withstand vibrations and harsh conditions typical in automotive environments.

4. Specialty Lighting

  • Used in specialty applications such as stage lighting, medical lighting, and outdoor fixtures.
  • Ensures reliable operation and longevity in diverse environmental conditions.


1. Versatility and Compatibility

  • Supports a wide range of bulb types and sizes, accommodating different lighting needs.
  • Standardized designs ensure compatibility with bulbs and fixtures from various manufacturers.

2. Ease of Installation

  • Simplifies bulb replacement and maintenance, reducing downtime and labor costs.
  • Allows for quick and straightforward installation in new fixtures or retrofit projects.

3. Safety and Reliability

  • Provides secure electrical connections that minimize the risk of electrical hazards.
  • Designed to meet safety standards and regulations for consumer and industrial applications.


A bulb holder is an essential component in lighting systems, offering secure mounting and electrical connectivity for various types of bulbs. Its versatility, durability, and ease of use make it indispensable in residential, commercial, automotive, and specialty lighting applications, ensuring efficient and reliable illumination.

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