Capacitor 0.1uf-400V Polyester Film 100nf 104

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The 0.1µF 400V Polyester Film Capacitor (100nF or 104) is used for filtering, coupling, and bypassing in electronic circuits. It features a polyester film dielectric for stability and reliability, and a high voltage rating of 400V. Its compact size and stable performance make it ideal for various applications.

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Capacitor 0.1uf-400V Polyester Film 100nf 104


The Capacitor 0.1uf-400V Polyester Film 100nf 104, also known as 100nF or 104 capacitor, is a widely used electronic component designed for various applications requiring stable capacitance and high voltage tolerance. This capacitor utilizes polyester film as the dielectric material, offering excellent performance and reliability in electronic circuits.

Design and Construction

  1. Dielectric Material
    • Polyester Film: The capacitor uses a polyester film as its dielectric medium. Polyester film capacitors, often referred to as Mylar capacitors, are known for their stability, reliability, and resistance to environmental factors such as humidity and temperature variations.
  2. Capacitance and Voltage Rating
    • Capacitance: The capacitor has a nominal capacitance of 0.1µF (microfarads), which is equivalent to 100nF (nanofarads). This capacitance value is commonly used in filtering, coupling, and bypass applications.
    • Voltage Rating: With a maximum voltage rating of 400V, this capacitor is suitable for circuits where high voltage stability is required. The voltage rating indicates the maximum voltage the capacitor can handle without risking breakdown or failure.
  3. Physical Characteristics
    • Size and Package: Typically, polyester film capacitors are cylindrical or rectangular with metalized leads. The compact size allows them to be used in various applications, from consumer electronics to industrial equipment.
    • Markings: The capacitor is often marked with its capacitance value (e.g., 104) and voltage rating, making it easy to identify and select the appropriate component for specific applications.


  1. Filtering and Bypassing
    • Noise Reduction: The capacitor is commonly used in power supply circuits to filter out high-frequency noise and stabilize voltage levels. It helps in reducing ripple and improving the overall performance of electronic devices.
  2. Coupling and Decoupling
    • Signal Coupling: In signal processing circuits, the 0.1µF polyester film capacitor is used to couple AC signals between stages while blocking DC components.
    • Decoupling: It helps in decoupling high-frequency noise from sensitive components, ensuring stable operation in digital and analog circuits.
  3. Timing and Oscillation
    • Timing Circuits: This capacitor is used in timing and oscillator circuits to set specific timing intervals and frequencies. Its stable capacitance ensures consistent performance in these applications.


  1. Stability and Reliability
    • Temperature Stability: Polyester film capacitors offer good temperature stability, making them suitable for applications where temperature fluctuations are common.
    • Durability: The robust construction ensures long-term reliability and resistance to environmental stress.
  2. Cost-Effective
    • Affordable: Polyester film capacitors are cost-effective and provide excellent performance at a reasonable price, making them a popular choice in both consumer and industrial applications.
  3. Compact Size
    • Space-Efficient: The small size of the capacitor allows it to fit into various circuit designs without occupying excessive space.


The 0.1µF 400V Polyester Film Capacitor (100nF or 104) is a versatile and reliable component essential for filtering, coupling, and timing applications in electronic circuits. Its polyester film dielectric, high voltage rating, and stable performance make it a valuable addition to many electronic designs.

Working of Capacitor


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