Capacitor 4700uF/35V

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A 4700uF/35V capacitor is a high-capacitance electrolytic capacitor used in power supply filtering, energy storage, and audio equipment. It smooths voltage fluctuations, provides stable power, and reduces noise. Ensure correct polarity and handle with care to prevent damage, as it is sensitive to temperature and has higher leakage current.

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Capacitor 4700uF/35V

Capacitor 4700uF/35V Overview

A 4700uF/35V capacitor is a high-capacitance electrolytic capacitor commonly used in power supply circuits, audio equipment, and other electronic applications requiring substantial energy storage and filtering capabilities.

Specifications and Features

Capacitance and Voltage Rating

  • Capacitance: 4700 microfarads (uF)
  • Voltage Rating: 35 volts (V)

The high capacitance of 4700uF means this capacitor can store a significant amount of electrical energy. The 35V rating indicates the maximum voltage the capacitor can safely handle.

Physical Characteristics

  • Type: Electrolytic capacitor
  • Polarized: Yes

Electrolytic capacitors, such as this one, are polarized, meaning they have a positive and a negative lead and must be connected correctly in a circuit. Reversing the polarity can damage the capacitor and the circuit.


  • The size of this capacitor can vary, but typically it is cylindrical, with dimensions dependent on the manufacturer. Larger capacitance values often mean larger physical sizes.


Power Supply Filtering One of the primary uses of a 4700uF/35V capacitor is in power supply filtering. In this role, the capacitor helps smooth out voltage fluctuations by storing and releasing energy as needed, reducing ripple and noise in the output.

Energy Storage Due to its high capacitance, this capacitor is ideal for energy storage applications. It can quickly charge and discharge, providing a stable voltage supply in circuits where there might be sudden demands for power.

Audio Equipment In audio circuits, especially in amplifiers, this capacitor helps maintain a stable power supply, ensuring consistent audio quality by reducing power supply hum and noise.

Motor Control In motor control circuits, the capacitor can help provide the necessary initial surge of power to start the motor and smooth out the power supply during operation.


High Capacitance in a Compact Size The electrolytic construction allows for a high capacitance value in a relatively small package, which is advantageous in compact electronic devices.

Cost-Effective Electrolytic capacitors are generally cost-effective compared to other types of capacitors with similar capacitance values.

Reliable Performance When used within their voltage rating, these capacitors offer reliable performance and long service life, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


Polarity Correct polarity must be observed during installation to avoid damage. Misconnecting the capacitor can result in leakage, overheating, or even explosion.

Temperature Sensitivity Electrolytic capacitors can be sensitive to high temperatures, which can reduce their lifespan. It’s important to consider the operating environment and ensure proper cooling in high-power applications.

Leakage Current Electrolytic capacitors have higher leakage current compared to other types of capacitors, which might not be suitable for all applications.


The 4700uF/35V capacitor is a versatile component widely used in various electronic applications. Its ability to store significant energy and provide filtering makes it essential in power supplies, audio equipment, and motor control circuits. However, proper handling and polarity observation are crucial to ensure its reliable performance and longevity.

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