Capacitor 470uF/35V

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The 470uF/35V capacitor is essential for smoothing power supply outputs, filtering noise, and stabilizing circuits. Its high capacitance and voltage rating make it suitable for use in power supplies, audio equipment, and various electronic applications. Proper orientation and voltage compliance are crucial for reliable performance.

Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF (104) (Pack of 5)

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Capacitor 470uF/35V


A 470uF/35V capacitor is a critical component in various electronic circuits, known for its ability to store and release electrical energy. Capacitors are passive electronic components with two terminals, and this particular type is widely used for filtering, smoothing, and decoupling applications in power supplies and amplifiers. The 470uF capacitance indicates its ability to store a significant amount of charge, while the 35V rating denotes the maximum voltage it can handle without breaking down.


  1. High Capacitance: The 470 microfarads (uF) capacitance is substantial for applications requiring large energy storage and discharge cycles, such as power supply filters, audio amplifiers, and energy storage systems.
  2. Voltage Rating: The 35V rating ensures it can be used in circuits with relatively high voltages, providing a safety margin for typical 24V or lower systems, and is also suitable for decoupling and noise reduction in higher voltage environments.
  3. Polarized Component: Typically, electrolytic capacitors like this are polarized, meaning they have a positive and negative lead that must be correctly oriented in the circuit to prevent damage or malfunction.
  4. Temperature Stability: This capacitor is designed to operate reliably within a broad temperature range, making it suitable for use in environments with varying thermal conditions.


  1. Power Supply Filtering: One of the most common uses is in power supply circuits where it smooths out the fluctuations in the power signal, ensuring a steady output voltage.
  2. Decoupling: It helps in decoupling the power supply from various components in a circuit, thereby minimizing voltage spikes and noise which could affect the performance of sensitive electronic components.
  3. Timing Circuits: In combination with resistors, it can be used in timing circuits to create delays or oscillations.
  4. Audio Circuits: It is often used in audio equipment to block DC components of signals, allowing only AC signals to pass through, thus improving sound quality.


  • Improved Circuit Stability: By smoothing out voltage fluctuations, it enhances the stability and performance of electronic circuits.
  • Noise Reduction: Reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) by decoupling and filtering signals.
  • Energy Storage: Provides a reservoir of energy that can be quickly discharged when needed, useful in power backup and conditioning applications.


  • Correct Polarity: Ensure proper orientation in the circuit to avoid potential damage.
  • Voltage Rating Compliance: Never exceed the 35V rating to prevent capacitor failure or damage.
  • Physical Size: Consider the physical dimensions of the capacitor in relation to the available space on the PCB.


The 470uF/35V capacitor is a versatile and essential component in many electronic applications. Its ability to smooth power supply outputs, filter noise, and stabilize circuits makes it invaluable in both consumer electronics and industrial applications. Proper usage and understanding of its specifications ensure reliable and efficient performance in various electronic projects.

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