Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uf (Pack of 5)

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The 0.22µF Ceramic Capacitor pack contains five capacitors, each ideal for filtering, decoupling, and coupling in electronic circuits. Known for stability and low cost, these capacitors feature a ceramic dielectric for reliability across various frequencies. Compact and versatile, they are essential for noise reduction and signal clarity in electronics.

683J Ceramic Capacitor

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Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uf


The Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uf is a widely utilized electronic component, valued for its reliability and versatility. This particular pack contains five capacitors, each offering a capacitance of 0.22µF (220nF). Ceramic capacitors are popular for their stability, low cost, and effectiveness in a range of electronic applications.

Design and Construction

  1. Dielectric Material
    • Ceramic Dielectric:Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uf capacitors use a ceramic material as the dielectric. Ceramic capacitors are known for their robustness, high-temperature tolerance, and ability to maintain performance across a broad range of frequencies. The ceramic dielectric ensures stability and low losses, making these capacitors suitable for various signal and power applications.
  2. Capacitance and Tolerance
    • Capacitance: The capacitors have a nominal capacitance of 0.22µF (220nF), which is used for a variety of purposes, including filtering, decoupling, and coupling applications in electronic circuits. This value provides a balanced performance for many standard applications.
    • Tolerance: Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uf often have a wide tolerance range, meaning their actual capacitance may vary slightly from the nominal value. This variability is generally acceptable for most electronic applications, but precise applications may require capacitors with tighter tolerances.
  3. Voltage Rating
    • Voltage Rating: Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uf in this pack is rated for a specific voltage, ensuring it can handle the applied voltage without breakdown. Typical ratings include 50V, 100V, or 500V. The voltage rating determines the maximum voltage the capacitor can withstand while functioning correctly.
  4. Physical Characteristics
    • Size and Shape: Ceramic capacitors are generally small and come in various shapes, including disc or multilayer configurations. Their compact size makes them ideal for use in both through-hole and surface-mount applications.
    • Markings: They are usually marked with a three-digit code indicating their capacitance value and sometimes the voltage rating.


  1. Filtering and Bypassing
    • Noise Reduction: The Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uf are commonly used to filter high-frequency noise in power supplies and electronic circuits. They help in stabilizing voltage levels and reducing ripple in DC power supplies.
    • Signal Filtering: In audio and RF applications, these capacitors filter out unwanted frequencies and ensure clean signal transmission.
  2. Coupling and Decoupling
    • Signal Coupling: They are used to couple AC signals between different stages of a circuit while blocking DC components.
    • Decoupling: These capacitors decouple high-frequency noise from sensitive components, improving the stability and performance of digital circuits.
  3. Timing and Oscillation
    • Timing Circuits: Ceramic capacitors are used in timing and oscillator circuits to set time constants and frequencies. Their stability and frequency characteristics make them suitable for such applications.


  1. Durability and Stability
    • Long-Term Reliability: Ceramic capacitors are durable and can operate reliably over a wide temperature range, making them suitable for various environmental conditions.
  2. Cost-Effective
    • Affordable: Ceramic capacitors are inexpensive and provide high performance at a low cost, making them a popular choice for many applications.
  3. Compact Size
    • Space-Efficient: Their small size allows them to be used in compact and space-constrained electronic designs.


The 0.22µF Ceramic Capacitor (pack of 5) is a versatile and reliable component used in various electronic circuits for filtering, coupling, and timing. Its ceramic dielectric ensures stability and durability, while its small size and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for many applications.

Ceramic Capacitor Box


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