Ceramic Capacitor 2.2PF (Pack of 5)

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The Ceramic Capacitor 2.2pF is a small, high-precision component used in high-frequency circuits and RF applications. With a ceramic dielectric, it offers stable capacitance, minimal signal distortion, and compact size. Ideal for filter and timing circuits, it ensures reliable performance in electronic devices.

Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF (104) (Pack of 5)

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Ceramic Capacitor 2.2PF

Ceramic Capacitor 2.2pF


The Ceramic Capacitor 2.2pF is a precision electronic component widely used in various electronic circuits and systems. With a capacitance value of 2.2 picofarads (pF), it is designed for applications requiring high-frequency performance and minimal signal distortion. This capacitor type is known for its compact size and reliability, making it a preferred choice in high-frequency and RF (radio frequency) applications.

Construction and Characteristics

Ceramic capacitors are composed of a ceramic material as the dielectric. In the case of the 2.2pF capacitor, the ceramic dielectric is formulated to provide a high dielectric constant, allowing for a small physical size while maintaining the desired capacitance. The capacitor typically features a monolithic ceramic body with metalized electrodes on the surface, which are then connected to external leads or terminals.

The key characteristics of the Ceramic Capacitor 2.2pF include:

  • Capacitance: 2.2 picofarads, providing precise capacitance control in circuits.
  • Dielectric Type: Ceramic, offering stable performance across a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.
  • Tolerance: Often within ±5% to ±10%, ensuring accurate capacitance values.
  • Voltage Rating: Depending on the specific model, it can range from 50V to several hundred volts, suitable for various applications.
  • Temperature Coefficient: Typically low, meaning the capacitance value remains stable across temperature fluctuations.


The 2.2pF ceramic capacitor is ideal for:

  • High-Frequency Circuits: It is used in RF circuits, antenna matching networks, and oscillators where high precision and minimal signal loss are crucial.
  • Filter Circuits: In conjunction with other components, it helps in filtering out unwanted frequencies and stabilizing signals.
  • Timing Circuits: Utilized in timing and clock circuits where precise capacitance is needed to control frequency and timing intervals.


  • Small Size: Its compact design makes it suitable for applications where space is limited.
  • High Stability: Ceramic capacitors offer stable capacitance values over a broad range of temperatures and frequencies.
  • Low ESR: They provide low equivalent series resistance, which helps in reducing power loss and improving signal integrity.


The Ceramic Capacitor 2.2pF is a crucial component in modern electronics, offering reliability, precision, and stability. Its small size and excellent performance characteristics make it essential in high-frequency and signal-processing applications, ensuring efficient operation and minimal interference.

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