Ceramic Capacitor 82PF (Pack of 5)

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The 82pF Ceramic Capacitor is used in high-frequency and precision applications. Featuring a ceramic dielectric, it offers stability and reliability. Ideal for tuning, filtering, and timing circuits, it ensures accurate performance with minimal size. Suitable for RF circuits and signal processing, it provides precise capacitance in compact designs.

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Ceramic Capacitor 82PF


The 82pF Ceramic Capacitor is a small but crucial component in electronic circuits, offering a capacitance of 82 picofarads (pF). It is widely used in various applications where precise capacitance is necessary, especially in high-frequency and precision circuits.

Design and Construction

  1. Dielectric Material
    • Ceramic Dielectric: This capacitor utilizes ceramic as its dielectric material, known for its stability and reliability. The ceramic dielectric provides low losses and consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for high-frequency applications.
  2. Capacitance and Tolerance
    • Capacitance: With a nominal capacitance of 82pF, this capacitor is ideal for circuits requiring specific, small capacitance values. It helps in fine-tuning circuit parameters to achieve optimal performance.
    • Tolerance: Ceramic capacitors generally have a wider tolerance range compared to other types, meaning the actual capacitance might vary slightly from the nominal value. However, it remains within acceptable limits for most precision applications.
  3. Voltage Rating
    • Voltage Rating: The capacitor is designed to handle a maximum voltage without breaking down. Typical voltage ratings for 82pF ceramic capacitors range from 50V to 100V, depending on the specific requirements of the circuit. Choosing the appropriate voltage rating is essential to ensure the capacitor’s reliable operation.
  4. Physical Characteristics
    • Size and Shape: The 82pF ceramic capacitor is available in various forms, including surface-mount (SMD) packages and through-hole configurations. Its compact size makes it suitable for integration into densely populated circuit boards and miniature electronic devices.
    • Markings: The capacitor is usually marked with the capacitance value “82” and may include additional codes for tolerance and voltage rating. These markings assist in identifying the capacitor’s specifications and ensuring correct usage.


  1. High-Frequency Circuits
    • Tuning and Matching: In RF (radio frequency) and microwave circuits, the 82pF capacitor is used for tuning and impedance matching. Its precise capacitance value helps in adjusting circuit parameters for optimal signal performance.
  2. Filter Circuits
    • Precision Filtering: The capacitor plays a role in precision filter circuits, helping to remove unwanted high-frequency noise or pass specific frequency ranges. Its accurate capacitance value is crucial for effective filtering.
  3. Oscillators and Timing
    • Timing Applications: In timing and oscillation circuits, the 82pF capacitor is used to set precise timing intervals and frequencies. Its stability ensures reliable performance in generating accurate oscillatory signals.
  4. Signal Processing
    • Coupling and Decoupling: The capacitor is used for coupling AC signals between different stages of a circuit while blocking DC components and for decoupling to reduce noise and stabilize voltage levels.


  1. Precision
    • Accurate Capacitance: The 82pF ceramic capacitor provides precise capacitance values, making it ideal for applications requiring high accuracy.
  2. Compact Size
    • Space-Efficient: Its small size allows it to be used in compact circuit designs and modern electronic devices.
  3. Durability
    • Reliable Performance: The ceramic dielectric offers durability and resistance to environmental factors, ensuring long-term reliability.


The 82pF Ceramic Capacitor is a vital component for high-frequency, precision, and signal processing applications. Its small capacitance, combined with the stability and durability of ceramic dielectric, makes it perfect for tuning, filtering, and timing circuits, ensuring accurate performance in compact spaces.

Ceramic Capacitor 5PF (Pack of 5)

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