Ceramic Capacitor Box

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The Ceramic Capacitor Box contains various ceramic capacitors used for storing electrical charge, filtering signals, and stabilizing power supplies. Known for their durability and stability, these capacitors are essential in electronic circuits for noise reduction and frequency filtering. They come in different capacitance and voltage ratings to suit various applications.

222 2K Ceramic Capacitor

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Ceramic Capacitor Box


A Ceramic Capacitor Box is a vital electronic component used in various electronic circuits to store and regulate electrical charge. Ceramic capacitors are known for their durability, reliability, and stable performance, making them a preferred choice in many applications.

Design and Construction

  1. Material Composition
    • Ceramic Dielectric: Ceramic capacitors use a ceramic material as the dielectric. This material provides excellent insulating properties and stability. The ceramics used are typically made from a mixture of metal oxides, which contribute to the capacitor’s overall performance.
  2. Package Types
    • Box Style: Ceramic capacitors in a box format are often found in surface-mount packages, which make them suitable for automated assembly processes. They come in various sizes and shapes, with the most common being rectangular or square boxes.
  3. Electrical Characteristics
    • Capacitance Range: The capacitance of ceramic capacitors can range from picofarads (pF) to microfarads (µF), offering a wide selection for different circuit requirements. The specific capacitance value is usually marked on the capacitor body or packaging.
    • Voltage Rating: These capacitors are available in a range of voltage ratings, typically from 6V up to several kilovolts. The voltage rating must be selected according to the application to ensure reliability and prevent breakdown.


  1. Electronic Circuits
    • Decoupling: Ceramic capacitors are often used for decoupling purposes, filtering out noise and stabilizing power supplies in electronic circuits.
    • Coupling: They are also used for coupling AC signals between stages of amplification circuits while blocking DC components.
  2. Signal Filtering
    • High-Frequency Filtering: Due to their low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and inductance, ceramic capacitors are ideal for high-frequency signal filtering and noise suppression.
  3. Timing Circuits
    • Oscillators and Timers: In timing circuits, ceramic capacitors are used in conjunction with resistors to set precise timing intervals and frequencies.


  1. Stability and Reliability
    • Temperature Stability: Ceramic capacitors offer good temperature stability and are less affected by temperature changes compared to some other types of capacitors.
    • Durability: They are highly durable and resistant to environmental factors such as humidity and mechanical stress.
  2. Compact Size
    • Space-Efficient: Their small size and lightweight nature make ceramic capacitors ideal for use in compact electronic devices and circuits.
  3. Cost-Effective
    • Affordable: Ceramic capacitors are generally cost-effective, making them a popular choice for both consumer and industrial applications.


The Ceramic Capacitor Box is an essential component in modern electronics, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications. Its durability, stability, and wide range of capacitance and voltage ratings make it suitable for use in everything from consumer electronics to industrial machinery.

683J Ceramic Capacitor


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