Current Transformer Big 5A (N.S.I)

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The Current Transformer Big 5A (N.S.I) measures high AC currents by converting them into a manageable lower current. It features a high-permeability core, primary winding for up to 5A, and a secondary winding for accurate measurement. Essential for power monitoring, protection, and control in electrical systems.

GX16 2 pin 5A Male and Female metal aviation connector pack of single pair

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Current Transformer Big 5A (N.S.I)


The Current Transformer Big 5A (N.S.I) is a specialized electrical device designed to measure alternating current (AC) with a primary rating of 5 amperes. It plays a crucial role in power monitoring, protection, and control systems by converting high current levels into a smaller, more manageable value for measurement and analysis.

Design and Construction

  1. Core Material
    • Type: The core of the CT is typically made from high-permeability materials such as silicon steel or ferrite, which enhance the efficiency of flux transfer and improve measurement accuracy.
    • Shape: Commonly, the core is toroidal (donut-shaped), allowing for easy installation around a conductor or busbar, and minimizing the impact on the electrical circuit.
  2. Windings
    • Primary Winding: The primary winding is designed to handle up to 5 amperes of current. It is usually a single turn or a few turns of wire that the high-current conductor passes through.
    • Secondary Winding: The secondary winding consists of numerous turns of wire, which steps down the high primary current to a lower, proportional current that can be safely measured and monitored. The ratio between the primary and secondary windings determines the accuracy and scale of the measurement.
  3. Insulation
    • Material: The CT is equipped with high-quality insulation materials to ensure electrical safety and prevent shorts. The insulation is designed to withstand high voltages and environmental conditions.
  4. Housing
    • Enclosure: The CT is housed in a robust and protective enclosure that shields it from physical damage and environmental factors, ensuring durability and reliable performance in various conditions.


  1. Current Measurement
    • Conversion: The CT converts the high primary current of up to 5A into a lower secondary current that can be easily measured with standard instruments. This conversion allows for safe and accurate monitoring of high-current circuits.
  2. Protection
    • Overcurrent Detection: The CT is often used in conjunction with protective relays to detect and respond to overcurrent conditions, thereby protecting electrical systems from damage and ensuring operational safety.
  3. Monitoring
    • System Oversight: Employed in power distribution and industrial systems to monitor current levels, enabling efficient management and timely detection of potential issues.


  1. Power Systems
    • Utility Monitoring: Used in power generation and distribution systems to measure and monitor current flow, aiding in efficient power management and billing.
  2. Industrial Control
    • Equipment Protection: Measures current in industrial equipment, helping to safeguard machinery and optimize performance.
  3. Building Management
    • Energy Monitoring: Integrated into building management systems for tracking and managing energy consumption.


  1. Safety
    • Isolation: Provides electrical isolation between high-voltage circuits and measurement instruments, enhancing safety.
  2. Accuracy
    • Precision: Delivers precise current measurements with minimal error, crucial for reliable monitoring and protection.
  3. Durability
    • Construction: Designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide long-term, reliable performance.


The Current Transformer Big 5A (N.S.I) is an essential component in electrical systems, offering accurate, safe, and efficient current measurement. Its design, functionality, and applications make it vital for effective power monitoring, protection, and control in various environments

Current Transformer


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