Flyback SMPS Transformer Small

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The Flyback SMPS Transformer Small efficiently converts input voltage to a stable output in compact electronic devices. Handling power from 5W to 30W, it operates at high frequencies for optimal efficiency. Ideal for power adapters, LED drivers, and communication devices, it ensures reliable performance with electrical isolation and compact size.

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Flyback SMPS Transformer Small


The Flyback SMPS Transformer Small is a critical component used in Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). It efficiently converts electrical energy from one voltage level to another while providing electrical isolation between the input and output. This small-sized transformer is designed for compact and high-performance applications.


  1. Voltage Rating
    • Primary Voltage: Designed to accept a range of input voltages, typically from 85V to 265V AC, accommodating various power supply standards.
    • Secondary Voltage: Provides multiple output voltages, depending on the design, such as 5V, 12V, or 15V DC, suitable for different applications.
  2. Current Rating
    • Output Current: Capable of delivering various current ratings, such as 1A to 3A, depending on the specific transformer model. The small size often implies a lower current rating but maintains high efficiency.
  3. Power Rating
    • Power Capacity: Designed to handle power levels ranging from 5 watts to 30 watts, suitable for small electronic devices and circuits.
  4. Frequency
    • Operating Frequency: Typically operates at frequencies between 20 kHz and 100 kHz, which are common in switch-mode power supplies to achieve high efficiency and compact size.

Construction and Design

  1. Core Material
    • Type: Uses a high-permeability ferrite core to efficiently transfer magnetic flux and reduce energy losses. The small size of the core allows for compact designs while maintaining performance.
    • Design: The core is designed to handle high-frequency switching, essential for efficient power conversion in SMPS.
  2. Windings
    • Primary Winding: Wound with high-quality insulated wire to manage high-voltage input and ensure long-term reliability.
    • Secondary Winding: Designed for precision to deliver stable output voltages, ensuring consistent performance.
  3. Insulation
    • Material: Utilizes advanced insulation materials to ensure safety and prevent electrical shorts. The insulation is designed to handle the high-frequency switching characteristics of SMPS.


  1. Consumer Electronics
    • Power Adapters: Used in compact power adapters for devices such as laptops, smartphones, and other electronics requiring efficient power conversion.
  2. Industrial Equipment
    • Power Supply Units: Employed in small industrial power supply units where space and efficiency are critical.
  3. LED Drivers
    • Lighting Solutions: Powers LED drivers, providing stable and efficient power for LED lighting applications.
  4. Communication Devices
    • Transceivers: Powers communication devices that require small, efficient power supplies for optimal performance.


  1. Efficiency
    • High Conversion Efficiency: Achieves high efficiency due to its design and operating frequency, minimizing energy losses.
  2. Compact Size
    • Space-Saving Design: The small size allows for integration into compact electronic devices and applications.
  3. Electrical Isolation
    • Safety: Provides electrical isolation between the input and output, enhancing safety and preventing interference.
  4. Reliability
    • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to ensure reliable performance and longevity.


The Flyback SMPS Transformer Small is an essential component in modern switch-mode power supplies, offering efficient voltage conversion and electrical isolation in a compact form. Its versatility and reliability make it suitable for various applications, from consumer electronics to industrial equipment.

Transformer 12V(1A)


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