Gear Motor 12V 100RPM

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A 12V 100RPM gear motor combines an electric motor with a gear system to provide controlled rotational motion. It offers high torque at a low speed, making it ideal for applications in robotics, automotive systems, and automation. Its compact design ensures easy integration into various projects.

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Gear Motor 12V 100RPM


A 12V 100RPM gear motor is a compact and efficient device that combines an electric motor with a gear mechanism to provide controlled rotational motion. This type of motor is widely used in various applications, including robotics, automotive systems, and automation, due to its reliability and adaptability.

Working Principle

The gear motor operates by converting electrical energy from a 12V power source into mechanical energy. The electric motor spins at a high speed, but the integrated gear system reduces the output speed to 100 revolutions per minute (RPM). This reduction in speed increases the torque output, making the motor suitable for tasks requiring significant force at a lower speed.

The gear ratio of the motor is determined by the number of teeth on the gears involved. A higher gear ratio results in lower output speed and higher torque, while a lower gear ratio provides higher speeds with reduced torque. This flexibility allows users to select the appropriate gear motor based on specific application requirements.



In robotics, 12V 100RPM gear motors are commonly used to power wheels, joints, and other moving parts. Their ability to provide consistent torque at a controlled speed makes them ideal for driving robot locomotion and enabling precise movements.


In automotive applications, these motors are utilized for tasks such as window regulators, seat adjusters, and small actuator systems. Their compact size and efficiency make them suitable for integration into various vehicle components.

Automation and Manufacturing

Gear motors play a crucial role in automation and manufacturing processes. They are often employed in conveyor systems, assembly lines, and packaging machines, where controlled movement and reliable torque are essential for maintaining productivity.


  1. High Torque: The gear mechanism allows for increased torque, making the motor suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  2. Controlled Speed: With a fixed RPM of 100, these motors offer precise speed control for various tasks.
  3. Durability: Gear motors are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, providing longevity and reliability.
  4. Compact Size: Their small footprint makes them easy to integrate into tight spaces without sacrificing performance.


The 12V 100RPM gear motor is a versatile and powerful solution for numerous applications across robotics, automotive, and industrial sectors. By combining efficient motor technology with a robust gear system, it delivers reliable performance and adaptability, making it an essential component in many modern systems.

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