GOODSKY EMI-SH-2230A 8A 250VAC Power Relay 8 Pins

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The GOODSKY EMI-SH-2230A power relay features SPDT configuration, handling up to 8A at 250VAC. Designed for durability, it offers coil voltage options from 5VDC to 48VDC, making it versatile for industrial automation, HVAC systems, automotive electronics, and power supply units, ensuring reliable switching performance in diverse applications.

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GOODSKY EMI-SH-2230A 8A 250VAC Power Relay 8 Pins

The GOODSKY EMI-SH-2230A is a robust power relay known for its reliability and versatility in electrical switching applications. With a rated current of 8A and voltage capacity of 250VAC, this 8-pin relay offers efficient performance across various industrial and commercial settings, ensuring durable operation under demanding conditions.

Key Features

1. Contact Rating and Configuration

  • The EMI-SH-2230A relay supports a maximum current of 8A at 250VAC, making it suitable for handling moderate to high-power loads.
  • It features SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) configuration, providing flexibility in switching between two different circuits.

2. Coil Voltage Options

  • Available in various coil voltage options, typically ranging from 5VDC to 48VDC, allowing compatibility with different control circuits and applications.
  • Coil options ensure compatibility with various voltage standards and control systems, enhancing flexibility in design and implementation.

3. Compact and Durable Design

  • Designed with a compact form factor, the relay conserves space on circuit boards or within control panels while maintaining robust performance.
  • The relay’s durable construction and materials ensure longevity and reliable operation in harsh environments and under continuous use.

4. High Electrical Endurance

  • Offers high electrical endurance with a minimum mechanical lifespan of 10 million operations and an electrical lifespan of up to 100,000 operations.
  • This longevity ensures consistent performance and reliability over extended periods, reducing maintenance requirements and downtime.

5. Coil Suppression

  • Integrated with coil suppression diodes or varistors to protect sensitive control circuitry from voltage spikes and transients generated during relay switching.
  • Coil suppression components enhance the relay’s reliability and prevent damage to associated electronics, ensuring stable operation.


1. Industrial Automation

  • Used in control systems, motor controls, and machinery where reliable switching of high-power loads is critical.
  • Ideal for applications requiring robust performance and longevity under continuous operation.

2. HVAC Systems

  • Employed in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for switching compressor motors, fans, and heating elements.
  • Ensures efficient operation and reliability in HVAC control applications.

3. Automotive Electronics

  • Utilized in automotive applications for controlling lights, motors, and other electrical systems.
  • Provides durable switching capability required in automotive environments.

4. Power Supply Units

  • Integrated into power supply units (PSUs) to control input power sources and ensure safe and reliable operation of electronic devices and systems.


The GOODSKY EMI-SH-2230A power relay is a versatile component, well-suited for various applications requiring reliable switching of moderate to high-power loads. With its robust construction, high electrical endurance, and compatibility with different coil voltages, the relay provides dependable performance in industrial automation, HVAC systems, automotive electronics, and power supply units, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and system reliability.

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