GX16 2 pin 5A Male and Female metal aviation connector pack of single pair

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The GX16 2-pin 5A metal aviation connector pack includes both male and female connectors, designed for durable and reliable electrical connections. With a threaded coupling mechanism and robust metal construction, it’s ideal for aviation, industrial machinery, and DIY electronics projects requiring secure and stable electrical connections.

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GX16 2 pin 5A Male and Female metal aviation connector pack of single pair

The GX16 2-pin 5A male and female metal aviation connector, available as a single pair pack, is renowned for its durability and reliability in electrical connections, particularly in aviation and industrial applications. Here’s an overview of its key features and applications:

Key Features

1. Connector Type

  • The GX16 connector is a circular aviation connector, consisting of a male and female pair with 2 pins each.
  • It ensures secure and stable connections between electrical circuits, capable of handling moderate currents up to 5A.

2. Construction

  • Made from high-quality metal (typically brass or aluminum alloy), the connectors offer robustness and resistance to corrosion.
  • The metal construction enhances durability, making them suitable for use in challenging environments with vibrations or exposure to elements.

3. Electrical Rating

  • Rated for currents up to 5A and voltages typically in the range of 250VAC, supporting various low to moderate power applications.
  • The connectors maintain reliable electrical conductivity and performance over extended periods of use.

4. Installation

  • Features threaded coupling mechanism for secure mating and easy installation.
  • The connectors often come with solder or screw terminals for straightforward wiring and connection to cables or panels.

5. Applications

  • Aviation: Used in aviation equipment for electrical connections in aircraft, drones, and related systems where reliability is critical.
  • Industrial: Suitable for industrial machinery, control panels, sensors, and automation systems requiring secure and durable electrical connections.
  • Communications: Applied in audio and video equipment, telecommunications devices, and data transmission systems due to their stable signal transmission capabilities.
  • DIY Electronics: Utilized by hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts for projects requiring robust connectors with moderate power handling capabilities.


  • Durability: Metal construction ensures longevity and resistance to environmental factors.
  • Reliability: Secure threaded coupling prevents accidental disconnections, maintaining uninterrupted electrical connections.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications across aviation, industrial, and electronic sectors, providing flexibility in design and installation.


The GX16 2-pin 5A male and female metal aviation connector pack offers robust and reliable electrical connections, ideal for applications requiring durable and secure connections. With its metal construction, moderate power handling capacity, and versatile applications, it serves as a dependable choice in aviation, industrial machinery, communications, and DIY electronics projects, ensuring stable electrical performance and longevity.

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