RF Module (Red) 433Mhz

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Discover our 433MHz RF module for efficient wireless communication in Arduino and microcontroller projects, offering reliable data transmission.

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RF Module (Red) 433Mhz

Introducing our 433MHz RF module (Red), a high-performance wireless communication module ideal for Arduino and microcontroller projects. This module enables efficient and reliable data transmission over long distances, making it perfect for applications in home automation, remote control systems, wireless sensors, and telemetry projects.

The RF module (Red) operates on the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band, providing a robust and interference-resistant communication channel. It features both a transmitter and receiver, allowing for seamless bidirectional communication between devices. The module is designed for easy integration with various microcontrollers, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP8266, ensuring versatility and compatibility across different platforms.

Key features of our 433MHz RF module (Red) include:

  • Long Range Communication: Capable of transmitting data over distances up to 10 meters in open space, making it suitable for long-range applications.
  • High Sensitivity: The receiver has high sensitivity, ensuring reliable data reception even in environments with potential interference.
  • Low Power Consumption: Designed to operate efficiently with low power consumption, making it ideal for battery-powered and energy-efficient applications.
  • Simple Interface: The module uses a simple interface, typically requiring just a few digital pins for communication, making it easy to set up and use.
  • Stable Performance: Built with quality components, the module offers stable performance and durability for long-term use.

Our 433MHz RF module (Red) is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, students, and professionals looking to add wireless communication capabilities to their projects. Whether you are developing a home automation system, a remote-controlled device, or a wireless sensor network, this RF module provides the reliability and performance you need.

In summary, our 433MHz RF module (Red) offers an efficient and reliable solution for wireless communication in various applications. Its long-range capabilities, high sensitivity, low power consumption, and easy integration make it an essential component for any electronics toolkit, empowering users to create innovative and effective wireless communication systems.

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