Solder Wire 250gm

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The 250-gram solder wire is essential for electronics, used to join components to circuit boards. It features a flux core for clean, reliable joints and comes in various diameters for different tasks. Ideal for repairs, assembly, and prototyping, it offers convenience and efficiency for both professionals and hobbyists.

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Solder Wire 250gm


Solder Wire 250gm is a fundamental material used in electronics for joining electronic components to circuit boards. The Solder Wire 250gm roll is a popular choice among professionals and hobbyists for its balance of size and convenience. It is essential for creating reliable electrical connections in various applications.

Features and Specifications

  1. Composition
    • Alloy: Solder wire typically consists of a blend of tin (Sn) and lead (Pb), although lead-free options are available. The most common alloy is 60/40 tin-lead, which melts at around 183°C (361°F). Lead-free solder wires often contain a combination of tin, silver, and copper.
    • Flux Core: Solder wire includes a flux core that helps remove oxidation and improve the flow of solder. The flux is crucial for ensuring clean, strong joints. Common flux types include rosin-based and no-clean fluxes.
  2. Diameter
    • Size Options: Solder wire is available in various diameters, ranging from fine (0.5 mm) to thicker (2 mm) wires. The choice of diameter depends on the type of work and the size of the components. For most general soldering tasks, a medium diameter (around 1 mm) is typically used.
  3. Application
    • Electronics: The 250-gram solder wire is used extensively in electronics for soldering components to printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is suitable for both through-hole and surface-mount technology (SMT) applications.
    • Repairs and Prototyping: It is also ideal for making repairs to existing circuits and for prototyping new electronic designs. Its ease of use and reliable performance make it a go-to choice for various soldering tasks.
  4. Packaging and Storage
    • Roll Size: The 250-gram roll provides a convenient amount of solder for most tasks without being too bulky. It is ideal for frequent use without requiring frequent replacements.
    • Storage: To ensure longevity and prevent oxidation, solder wire should be stored in a cool, dry place. Proper storage helps maintain the quality and performance of the solder.


  1. Reliable Joints
    • Provides strong and reliable electrical connections, essential for the longevity and functionality of electronic devices.
  2. Versatility
    • Suitable for a wide range of soldering tasks, including electronics assembly, repairs, and prototyping.
  3. Ease of Use
    • The flux core and appropriate diameter make soldering easy and efficient, ensuring clean and smooth joints.
  4. Cost-Effective
    • The 250-gram roll offers a good balance between quantity and cost, making it an economical choice for both professional and hobbyist use.


The 250-gram solder wire is a versatile and essential material for electronic soldering. With its reliable performance, suitable alloy composition, and convenient packaging, it is ideal for various applications, including electronics assembly, repairs, and prototyping. Proper storage and use ensure optimal results and longevity of the solder wire.

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