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The BT136 is a popular silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) capable of handling up to 4A of current and 600V. It’s used for switching applications in AC circuits, offering reliable performance in controlling power to devices such as lamps, motors, and heaters.

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The BT136 is a widely-used silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) semiconductor device known for its efficiency and reliability in switching AC loads in various electronic and electrical applications.

Overview and Specifications:

  • Type: The BT136 is classified as an SCR (Silicon-Controlled Rectifier), also known as a thyristor. It is designed to control high-power AC loads by switching them on and off.
  • Current and Voltage Ratings: The BT136 typically supports a maximum RMS (Root Mean Square) current of 4A and a peak repetitive off-state voltage (VDRM) of up to 600V. These ratings make it suitable for medium to high-power applications in industrial and consumer electronics.
  • Triggering Current: It requires a small gate current (IGT) to turn on the device, typically in the range of 5mA to 50mA. This gate current triggers the SCR into conduction mode, allowing current to flow through the device.
  • Package: Available in industry-standard TO-220 and SOT-82 packages, which provide good thermal dissipation and mechanical robustness, essential for reliable operation in various environments.


The BT136 SCR is commonly used in a variety of applications where reliable switching of AC loads is required:

  • Lighting Control: Used in dimmer circuits to control the intensity of incandescent lamps and halogen bulbs by adjusting the conduction angle of the SCR.
  • Motor Control: Employed in motor speed control circuits for appliances such as fans and power tools, enabling precise regulation of motor speed and torque.
  • Heating Control: Integrated into temperature control systems for electric heaters and ovens, ensuring accurate and efficient heat management.
  • Power Supplies: Used in AC power supply circuits to regulate voltage and current, providing stable output for electronic devices and equipment.
  • Solid-State Relays (SSRs): Found in SSR modules where they serve as the switching element to control AC loads in industrial automation and control systems.

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Operation and Benefits:

  • Silicon-Controlled Rectifier: As an SCR, the BT136 operates in three states: off-state (non-conducting), on-state (conducting), and reverse blocking state. It remains in the on-state once triggered until the current through the device falls below a certain threshold (holding current).
  • Reliability: Known for its robustness and long operational life, the BT136 SCR can withstand high surge currents and repetitive switching cycles without degradation in performance.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offers cost-effective solutions for AC switching compared to mechanical relays, providing silent operation, reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), and compact design advantages.

Development and Integration:

Designers and engineers utilize BT136 SCR devices in circuit designs requiring reliable AC switching and control. Integration is facilitated by comprehensive datasheets and application notes provided by semiconductor manufacturers, ensuring optimized performance and compatibility in various electronic and industrial applications.

In conclusion, the BT136 SCR stands out for its capability to efficiently control AC power in diverse applications, combining robustness, efficiency, and ease of integration to meet the demands of modern electronic and electrical systems.

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